This newsletter was released July 22, 2010
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Vancouver Holistic Health - In This Issue: Laser Therapy Treatment for Elbow Pain
Laser for Elbow Pain
Beat the Heat & HST
Unwind with Massage
HST Now in Effect
Featured Local Event
Getting Past Elbow Pain
Is elbow pain keeping you from working comfortably everyday or engaging in your favourite activities like golf, tennis or gardening?

If you spend too much time working on your computer, using hand tools like hammers or wrenches, gardening, playing musical instruments, or numerous other activities, you may end up with a painful case of epicondylitis.

Check out some simple techniques to prevent elbow pain and learn about how laser therapy can help treat existing elbow pain.

cooking at home to beat the heat and the hst
This month, not only are west-coasters preparing for much-needed heat waves, we are also adjusting to the introduction of HST.
Cool your bodies and wallets by cooking at home with summer-fresh ingredients. Here’s a nutritious and budget-friendly 5-course meal plan to help you skip the grease and the extra tax on restaurant food:
  1. Beet Salad with Quinoa and Pine Nuts
  2. Tex-Mex Baked Avocado
  3. Zaru Soba with Seaweed and Cucumbers
  4. Succulent Lamb Souvlaki with Garlicky Tzatziki
  5. Always-Summer Sorbet Sundae
summer special! unwind with massage therapy
Skip the pain-killers and relax those tense muscles and stiff joints with a non-invasive, zero-carbon footprint therapy.

Especially effective in alleviating muslce strains and sprains, massage therapy is generally pain-free and cause little or no side effects. It is a gratifying treatment that makes you feel good instantly without costing your body or the environment.

This summer, we are offering 60-minute head-to-toe pampering sessions at $80. Act quick and book yourself in today before timeslots fill up!

HST applicable to naturopathic services
hst in effect – at least for now
All naturopathic and laser services, as well as products, are now HST-applicable, but hopefully not for long.
Since last year, naturopathic doctors have been legislated in at least 5 provinces, which is the minimum required by the federal government to recognize our profession as physicians. While this recognization can sometimes take years to formalize, it means that naturopathic consulations will eventually be HST-exempt in the future.

Vancouver Holistic Health looks forward to this profession-wide status change and will keep you closely informed.
HST applicable to naturopathic services
featured local event
Few places in the world are as beautiful as Vancouver in the summer. One of the most anticipated events of the summer is the Celebration of Lights, an incredible series of fireworks displays that starts on July 21.
Starting on July 21, summer-worshiping Vancouverites can spend their evenings watching the spectacular fireworks show known as the Celebration of Lights. This year, the pyro-musical fireworks competition will include shows from the USA, Spain, Mexico and China. The international panel will present from English Bay at 10pm (rain or shine) on the following dates:
  • July 21 – USA
  • July 24 – Spain
  • July 28 – Mexico
  • July 31 – China
For more information about the Celebration of Lights, including how to get the viewing sites, visit the official event website.
HST applicable to naturopathic services

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