This newsletter was released April 27, 2010
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Spring Cleansing...
Mesotherapy ...
Laser Therapy...
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Spring Cleansing...for a Healthy Body and Mind
Spring is the perfect time to boost your health and vitality with a cleanse.  Toxic build-up in the body can leave you feeling congested and sluggish, and can lead to serious health consequences if not treated. A personalized cleanse is made up of four easy components to help purify your body and clear your mind.

Learn about: 
  • Toxic Accumulation in the Body
  • Where do Toxins Originate?
  • How Can You Detoxify?
  • Cleansing and Detoxification — A Natural Process
  • Is it Time for a Cleanse?
  • Symptoms of Toxic Build-Up
  • Reactions and Benefits
Mesotherapy...for a lighter, leaner body, free of cellulite
As we spring forward into warmer weather, putting on a pair of shorts or a bikini does not have to be intimidating! 

Mesotherapy is a great way to reduce cellulite and promote weight loss, naturally. 

Learn about:
  • What is Mesotherapy?
  • How does Mesotherapy work?
  • What to expect in your first visit
Painless Spring Training with Laser Therapy
Running and other high impact activities can often cause pain and injuries that slow you down.  As you lace up your runners this spring, consider Laser Therapy as a compliment to your training. 

Laser therapy is an easy and effective way to reduce pain, inflammation and injury healing time. 

Learn about:
  • What is Low Intensity Laser Therapy?
  • How does Laser Therapy work?
  • What Can I Expect When Having Laser Therapy?
  • Speeding Up the Healing Process
  • A Gentle, more Natural Approach
Spring into Action:
Four Tips for Starting a New Wellness Plan
Are you looking to lighten your body and mind this spring? 

Check out these four tips for putting a new lifestyle plan into action, from our Wellness Coach and Clinic Manager, Jennifer Hilton.

Learn about how to:
  • Create a vision with your end goal in mind
  • Be prepared
  • Have your support systems in place
  • Track your patterns and celebrate your progress
Upcoming Events:
Open House, Free Consultations and More!
May 3-9 is Naturopathic Medicine Week, and Vancouver Holistic Health is excited to be offering these free events.
Orange, Cucumber and Jicama Salad
This refreshing, crunchy salad is a great option when the warmer weather makes you crave lighter food but the summer veggies aren’t yet in season.

The amounts are very approximate for this salad – there is lots of room to balance the dressing according to your taste preference.

Make the salad without the almonds for a simple side-dish. Or include the almonds to make the salad a meal.
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